Products and Services

chuck photo (167x250)Treasury Management Services

Companies of all sizes may benefit from Treasury Management Services. There is no fee unless a money-making recommendation is actually implemented by the company!


1. Treasury Management Services which include:

· Review financial statements, searching for profit opportunities and sources of cash.

· Review treasury and banking practices to determine the most efficient use of cash.

· Review loan arrangements to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

· Review investment policy for proper security, effectiveness, and efficiency.

· Review billing and collection procedures in order to maximize cash flow.

· Review purchasing and accounts payable processing to improve cash flow.

· Review insurance practices to get the most for your money.

· Development of financial systems and procedural documentation.

· Recommend electronic and other bank products to maximize profitability and control.

2. Corporate start-ups and turnarounds

3. Chief Financial Officer on part-time basis

4. QuickBooks set up and training (Certified QuickBooks Consultant)

5. Estate Organization and Administration

6. Preparation of tax returns and tax consulting.

7. Experienced speaker and author on treasury management, estate administration, and financial management.

8.  For superior tax knowledge and to contemplate retirement, I have merged with Rowe and Demming LLC,